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i-LEAD Project

Innovation - Law Enforcement Agency's dialogue

i-LEAD will build the capacity to monitor the security research and technology market in order to ensure a better matching and uptake of innovations by law enforcement agencies with the overarching aim to make it a sustainable Pan-Europan LEA network.

Welcome to i-LEAD

i-LEAD’s focus is on the incapability of groups of operational Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) practitioners defining their needs for innovation. This will be done in a methodological way, also with the help of the research & industrial partners supplemented by a broad range of committed stakeholders

i-LEAD Organised Industry Days 2022 & Research Day

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icon_oneForm a Law Enforcement Network across Europe

It is important to establish the conditions for a sustainable permanent cooperation structure, preferably in a legal entity representing European LEA based on the insights and mechanisms developed in the project.

icon_twoExpress common requirements that can fill capability and operational gaps

We will identify, categorize and prioritize capability gaps, the current situation regarding the baseline capabilities and the use of technology in the respective law enforcement practitioner groups

icon_threeMonitor research and innovation

i-LEAD will conduct smart monitoring of relevant research and innovation projects and technology watching, and scanning of pipe-line technology including also other security domains (defence, intelligence). We will also provide assessment, selection and routing of promising technologies to LEAs in the Member States.

icon_fourIndicate priorities for standardization and policy recommendations

For us it is of outmost importance to create the condition for defining needs for standardization in Law Enforcement domains. We will also make recommendations for LEA’s procurement based on the scanned technology and PCP and PPI

icon_oneCreate conditions for better interaction with industry, research and academia

i-LEAD will set up community forums for knowledge exchange between the project and EU LEAs, research community, industry and Academia.

icon_twoCapacity building and knowledge exchange

We will build and maintain project repositories for knowledge exchange and provide a pool of resources to support relevant activities. Our i-LEAD front office will be the gateway for interaction with external partners in Europe by enabling peer to peer exchanges, answering questions on LEA innovation needs and providing expert advice.

icon_threeDisseminate results and interact with other related networks

We will establish links with other European Networks and missions in neighbouring fields of interests and disseminate project results to an extended audience across Europe.



Dissemination Material

Browse i-LEAD Project Dissemination Material addressed to the stakeholders and the general public.

Photo Gallery

Photos from i-LEAD Project activities throughout the EU. See our photo albums from meetings, conferences and events participation.

Video Gallery

Audiovisual material from i-LEAD Project activities. The EU Law Enforcement Agencies Network in action!

Contact us

Project Coordinator
The National Police of the Netherlands
Hoofdstraat 54
3972 LB Driebergen
The Netherlands

E-mail: project[at]i-lead.eu

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